Children Of Promise Ministries

I love kids. They radiate excitement for life. They willingly choose to learn and try new things. I marvel at the wonder in their eyes when they discover something for the first time. I bask in the joy they openly express. I relish their smiles and laughter and their readiness to speak Truth. I expectantly watch them grow and change. I enjoy getting to know each child, calling out the gifts and talents God has given them, and nurturing them uniquely. I value them.

Children of Promise, our Father’s Promise children’s ministry, believes each child is a precious gift from God. We are dedicated to raising up leaders who know God’s character and nature, serve Him with a humble and cheerful heart, embrace Him fully, love like Him unconditionally, and live like Him daily. We provide a safe environment for children to explore and recognize God’s deep and personal love for each of them. Together, we thank, praise, and worship God through song, dance, flags, and other creative arts expressions. Scripture is taught through skits, music, reading, and testimony.

We serve together through outreach opportunities like face painting, Christmas caroling, making cards for people, or serving food. Strong, quality relationships are built during our times hiking, singing by a campfire, or playing outside, among other adventures. We laugh a lot and have fun! We pray for people, expecting and witnessing miracles. We encourage one another and mature in our relationships with God. We welcome encounters with the presence of God and seek to know the heart of the Father.

Children of Promise is an experience worth having; one that will, and has already, positively shaped the lives of generations. We are blessed to be a family of believers in Jesus Christ with a godly home for our children to prosper. The good fruit continues to abound and I am thankful!

- Bonnie Drowne