Father's Promise 2o Year Anniversary

20 Years! Church Anniversary!

Yes, it’s true, it’s been 20 years! It is in some ways hard to believe and in others, are we sure it’s only been 20? What a ride this has been!


We have come so far and ministered to so many. We have friends all around the United States and even the globe. People who have dropped in for ministry - and stayed - for a few days or a slightly longer season, or even forever, are some who were definitely a divine appointment.


We have seen healings, we have grown as individuals to deep places with Father God, had many a throne-room experience, and learned how to be true worshipers through our team of excellent musicians and by making worship an everyday expression of who we are.


We have a body that loves deeply and welcomes all new-comers. We have a solid team of ministers, whether you need biblical counseling, Sozo or deliverance, we are here to serve. Thank you to all of our team members for your desire to share Christ and his Shalom with all we meet.


As a group we have been many places, in and out of this country, and even on the ocean, together and serving God. Every place we have been has brought many memories - how about the conference where Joan swam upriver? Or the time a couple of certain someones had to be carried out of the sanctuary completely full of the Holy Ghost and unable to move on their own, or the cries of “Hey! Don’t forget we’re back here!” from the back seat of our 18 passenger van on the off ramps of highways in Canada! Or the looks on the faces of those newly baptized and how they were touched by God, or the Youth Group Sundays we have had the privilege to be a part of. Thank you to all Youth Group Pastors and participants past and present - Well Done!


We, as pastors, are so very proud of the members of our body who hear the voice of their Father and act on it, who hear the heart’s cry of their bridegroom and desire to be one with Him. The beauty of Dad’s family working together to a common goal is such a joyful thing!


God named us Father’s Promise 20 years ago and he has been faithful to keep promises to us for all of this time. We don’t want to sound greedy, but “More Lord! We’ll take everything you have for us!


So Happy Anniversary everyone! We thank God for you daily and love you all! Thanks for making this ride a joyful one!