Why Attend A Mid-Week Study?

Many people ask me why do you attend a bible study mid week? Since I already attend church for several hours on Sunday, why would I bother to go back to church mid week? The first reason that popped into my head was conversation. That time allows me to question what I heard on Sunday. Maybe I did some research and found information I did not understand or would like clarification on. A Bible study is a great place for those questions to be answered. There are always multi-generational women and men in all different walks with the Lord who could shine wisdom on my questions or clarify my thoughts.

For us at Father's Promise we use that time for exactly that and... cookies! Oh yes, you read that correctly, cookies! We believe in having fellowship as much as possible. To grow and strengthen our family bond. And what's better than sharing food with people you love?! The breaking of bread, if you will, when we gather together is so very important. I'll refer you to 1 John 2:25 (NLT) And in this fellowship we enjoy the eternal life God has promised us. This verse is referring to your personal relationship with God the father and his son Jesus. John writes to us from a personal experience with Jesus, where he learned all of what he knows and shared that truth with us. John then warns us of those who will try to lead us off our righteous path. How do we stay on track and not falter? Fellowship!

We need food to survive, but we also need to feed our souls.. That is where we base ALL of our decisions from, how we act, our responses to others, how we handle situations, even how much love we have to give others. So the cookies are a great food for our bellies but it's the "food" that is shared around the table in wisdom that feeds our deeds!

So come share some cookies and we will make a spot at our table for you. Come with questions or just come out of curiosity. EIther way, you will be fed!

- Always, Amber

I go to the Bible study because I like spending the focused time studying with others. When we have conversations about specific topics or target a certain book of the Bible, I believe we inspire each other to think deeper and it brings to life the message God has for us. It helps me be accountable to put God's life lessons into practice.

- Blessings, Debbie

At Father's Promise weekly Bible Study, the snacks and large-kitchen-table feel establish an atmosphere well-suited for comfortable conversation. Like many kitchen tables, the age range of those around it, both child and adult, has quite a span. We laugh a lot and have a fun time together, but it goes so much further than that. Personally, I really enjoy digging deeply into God's Word. At Bible Study, we get to do that together. Hearing the perspectives and revelation that are shared helps me grow and inspires me to learn more. Being around others that share wisdom from their own life-experiences encourages me to keep moving forward. We can even ask questions in an environment where we know we are loved and valued by the people around us. Our Bible Study is an intentional quality time with church family that helps me be consistent in pursuing my own relationship with God. Spending a few hours each week engaged in the Word of God with my family is the best kind of gift. The life that happens around that extended kitchen table is life worth having.

- With love, Bonnie

This is why I go to bible study...

For starters, I am not yet old enough to decide where I do go or don’t go, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like bible study. The way that the pastors (my grandparents) have recently set up the cafeteria for bible study has made an impact on Tuesday nights. We all sit in a circle and have fun sharing discussions, ideas, prayers, and of course the Bible! As the youngest double-digit member of the church, I enjoy learning from the older members and the experiences they share! We also study one book at a time in bible study, setting it apart from the message at church. We have studied Genesis and we have been inching our way through Proverbs! The cookies and beverages make it feel homey while we learn together. During bible study, you will hear everyone preach, pray, encourage, prophecy, teach, and share with family. That is why I go to bible study!

- Liam

The reason I go to bible study on Tuesday is “cause it’s what I do“ for fellowship, for sharing, for learning, for encouraging others, for hugs n kisses and for taking what we fill up with out into the world to bring kingdom to earth!

And for snacks ❤️

- Peace Love n light, Cydney

Bible study allows freedom for your input and allows discussion about the Scriptures and current events around the world. Also hearing and being built up together as a group from one's perspective and revelation that each one of us get. It’s nice to be heard and participate. In the family of our pastors, the kitchen table has been an intimate setting for guests, family, friends and ministry. Our Bible study group meets in the kitchen of our church and we sit around the table, it is an intimate relaxed atmosphere. It is nice to see and hear how God has shown himself in each other's lives no matter where we're at in our relationship with him. 

– Kathy