Father’s Promise Church From A Kid’s Perspective

For a kid that is not often involved in church, it could seem like a drag, but it is like school. It is teaching you about something more important and fun to learn about. God is a teacher of music, art, literature, and history! God lets us express our inner child through worshipping him. Whether it be through dancing, painting, or playing the banjo, God loves it when you show your childlike faith no matter your age!

At Father’s Promise there is a children’s ministry called C.O.P.s. It is an acronym for Children Of Promise.  The history we learn is similar to what they teach in school, but even more accurate. Kids usually learn about US history, Chinese history, Roman history, and Mesopotamian History. Well, Pilot was a Roman leader. Pilot was in charge of deciding Jesus' penalty for disobeying God. 

And Babylon is in Mesopotamia. Babylon rejected God because Mesopotamians, Sumerians, and Babylonians worshipped idols (other gods that don’t exist). The C.O.P.s teachers do a good job of explaining these extra facts that the schools don’t provide. We learn much about God’s literature too. God wrote the Bible, though it was scribed by others. Our main goal for small kids at Father’s Promise is to begin to get close to Jesus and accept him to become born-again into His family. When they get older, we try to get them to understand and think deeply about the Bible, the Church, and the Bride of Christ. They will eventually gain great knowledge about God and get closer with him. I would recommend FPC to any child if they want to learn truth!